Poster of Art Taipei 2015
ART TAIPEI returns for its 22nd edition this year, building on years of experience to cement its position as the most representative international art fair in Asia. This year, a selection of over 3,000 works will be presented by 168 galleries from 20 countries and territories. A strong presence of galleries from Taiwan will be joined by 38 new international exhibitors participating at the fair for the first time, including galleries from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mainland China, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam.
ART TAIPEI encapsulates the abundant styles and depths of arts in Asia from multiple perspectives and will, for the first time, encompass the entirety of the Taipei World Trade Centre, transforming the 23,450 square meter area to an expansive site for the fair’s world class exhibitions. The 2015 edition will introduce the main Galleries section; the Premiere section, showcasing works both created in the last three years and works that have never been shown in Taiwan; the Frontier section, which presents art in new media and innovative multi-media formats; the Future section that highlights the views of today’s artistic creation through curated solo shows of emerging artists by the galleries outside Taiwan; and Made in Taiwan, a section organized by the Ministry of Culture that is dedicated to presenting local emerging artists. The fair will also include the Public Art section, showcasing large-scale art pieces throughout the venue, which creates a unique landscape throughout the exhibition space. During the four days of ART TAIPEI 2015, galleries from Taiwan will be joined by leading galleries from other regions to present a diversity of works that reflects the latest trends of the international art scene.
Right From left to right - Bruce Wang, WOOYO; Emerson Wang, Executive Director of ART TAIPEI 2015; Hom Liou, WOOYO Image courtesy of ART TAIPEI.

Right From left to right – Bruce Wang, WOOYO; Emerson Wang, Executive Director of ART TAIPEI 2015; Hom Liou, WOOYO Image courtesy of ART TAIPEI.

This year’s ART TAIPEI, which puts an emphasis on cross-boundary cooperation and inheritance of art, will break the traditional limits of art fair booths in order to craft a multi-media visitor experience through sound, video and space design. Visitors will immerse themselves in the experience of the fair from the moment they step into the hall. Local architecture firm WOOYO, led by partners Hom Liou and Bruce Wang, will design the new concept for the exhibition halls to redefine the concept of traditional arts spaces. To redefine the visual identity of the fair, ART TAIPEI selected the work by Li Meng-Chieh from Ideal form through a submission process. The innovative design uses a black background and four bold colors, which represent the four main sections of the fair. Additionally, for the 2015 promotion video, ART TAIPEI has commissioned music from renowned Japanese musician Koji Sakurai, who has written a representative series for Taiwan&r squo;s music scene, as well as imagery and videos from Tzu-wei Wang Kang, Director of Taiwan Hinata Cinema Studios.
Rendering of the entrance of ART TAIPEI 2015

Rendering of the entrance of ART TAIPEI 2015

WOOYO to build an international space for ART TAIPEI
The space itself is the vehicle for the artworks on view and more importantly, it is also an integral part of the overall visual impact of the fair. While highlighting the artistic value of the arts, the space also presents a unified image that is unique both in visual and spatial planning, in turn mutually reinforcing the exhibits on view. ART TAIPEI has invited local young architects Hom Liou and Bruce Wang from WOOYO to design the exhibition space. WOOYO will break the traditional norms of spatial planning, turning the exhibition hall into a large-scale organic artwork. Highlighting the longstanding heritage and rapid development of the arts in Taiwan, the new design will craft a more international art space for the fair.
“Art is expression of one’s inner beliefs and emotions,” says the architect Hom Liou, founding partner of WOOYO, who previously worked for I.M.Pei at the internationally renowned Pei Partnership Architects. “I hope to get the audience ready for the immersive, exquisite art selection the moment they step into the hall. For instance, we will place two mirror installations at the entrance to break the traditional concept of space, through which the visitors are encouraged to see, understand and re-shape their own ideas of space and art. The two mirrors will be encountered again by the visitors when they are leaving the hall, reflecting the crowds who are about to enter. This is a process that ancient martial artists described as Know thyself, discover the world, and be aware of all living beings. We have also referred to Buddhist ideology in the design of the coffee area, expressing that space and time are illusion. The world can be as broad as the universe or as small as a grain of sand. This is our philosophy of the space.” Furthermore, WOOYO’s design turns one side of the Taipei World Trade Center into a wide corridor as the architects found the booths panels restrictive, often blocking the visitors from fully appreciating the show. In this way, the space becomes one picture after another, depicting urban scenery alongside the works on view at the show and offering the audiences a new way of thinking.
ART TAIPEI collaborates with Artsy to launch online gallery of highlight works
This year ART TAIPEI will collaborate with Artsy for the first time to launch an online viewing platform, which is expected to provide convenience to all the visitors and collectors. Starting Monday, 26th October, highlights from ART TAIPEI will be available on and the Artsy Apps. Visitors to ART TAIPEI on Artsy will have the opportunity to browse exhibitor booths, make sales enquiries on artworks, and read exclusive editorial content about the fair.
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