01 View of the “Frieze in Beijing Conversation”

On the afternoon of August 30, 2014, the press conference of “Frieze in Beijing Conversation” and two discussions were successfully held at the Auditorium of 足球开户系统 Art Museum. This activity was attempted to expand the influence of Frieze in Beijing, sharing the contemporary art and publishing experience with Chinese audiences. Two academic discussions were held after the end of the press conference, to discuss the current hot issues in contemporary art.

One of founders of Frieze, Mr. Matthew Slotover, Head of VIP Relations Ms. Kristina McLean and Head of Public Relations Ms. Belinda Bowring attended the press conference at 14:00. First of all Matthew showed a short film about the Frieze to the audience, briefly introduced the Frieze magazines and the related activities. He said that he was glad to hold “Frieze in Beijing Conversation” – a dialogue to introduce Frieze to new Chinese audiences. There were more and more Chinese audiences paying attention to Frieze every year, and he hoped to make greater contributions to Chinese audiences, unfolding in-depth dialogues with Chinese artists and audiences, collectors and writers.

Founded by Matthew Slotover and Amanda Sharp in 1991, Frieze is a London-based international art organization, with offices in New York and Berlin. Frieze mainly publishes three magazines: Frieze, Frieze d/e and the Frieze Masters. In addition, Frieze is also responsible for the three most exciting art events in the world: Frieze London, Frieze Masters (both held in October each year) and Frieze New York (held in May each year).

After the Frieze magazines received great success in 2003, Frieze London became the magazine of the year. In 2012, Frieze launched two Frieze art fairs: Frieze New York (a contemporary art fair held on Randall’s Island of Manhattan in May every year) and Frieze Masters (modern art fair that echoes Frieze London). Frieze London is the leading exhibition of modern art in the world, attracting art lovers from all over the world to the capital of England in October every year. The Frieze project of Frieze London 2014 will bring seven art works which perform in seven exhibitions or other places in the city. Planned and organized by Nicola Lees, the Frieze project arranges the performance arts that appear in Frieze London every year. This year the project will focus on the artists using other art forms, including the artists engaged in dance, film and music. Many of them have cooperated with the art institutions in London or the UK, to showcase the inter-texture between culture and art. Frieze London and Frieze Masters is hosted together for the third time this year. Frieze Masters aims to usea modern perspective to interpret classical art.

At the press conference, Head of VIP Relations Ms. Kristina McLean addressed the media saying that, Frieze was aimed at ensuring to provide a high quality art exposition, bringing a unique and great experience to the audience; Head of Public Relations Ms. Belinda Bowring introduced the public relations of Frieze. She said that she welcomed Chinese media or artists and curators to participate in the content of the project of Frieze art fairs, and the Frieze media department would offer great help.

While the conversation was held, Frieze started the Microblog and Wechat platforms under the name Frieze and specially set up a Chinese page, monthly showcasing a translation of the selected contents of the international art world by Frieze magazines. In Frieze London 2014, there will be a lot of Asian art institutions participating in it, collector Budi Tek will also attend the collectors dialogue (Frieze Talks), sharing his collection experience and establishing a process for Yuz Foundation. On the occasion of Frieze London and Frieze Masters are held, the British Museum in London will also hold the “Ming Dynasty: the Five Decades to Change China”, which will attract the attention of the Chinese art world.

After the end of the press conference, the audience was presented with an on-site conversation and the guests were questioned about some interested issues. For example, about the marketing plan for Frieze and what is going to be the practice in China; the influence of social media such as Microblog, Wechat to magazines, whether Frieze has focused on Chinese contemporary art program, etc., founder of Frieze Matthew answered all the questions in detail.

Frieze London is about to display at Regent’s Park from October 15 to October 18, 2014. Frieze Masters is going to be on show at Regent’s Park from October 15 to October 19, 2014. Frieze New York will be held on Randall’s Island from May 14 to May 17, 2015.

Text by Lin Jiabin, translated by ChenPeihua and edited by Sue/足球开户系统 ART INFO.

Photo by Quan Jing/足球开户系统 ART INFO.

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